POS Plan (Aetna Choice® POS II)
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Plans for CHOICE

Is this the plan for you?
  • Three ways to get care - see your PCP, see a network doctor, or any licensed doctor
  • A national network with coverage in all MD counties
  • Broad network of providers in MD, DC, PA, and DE
  • No referrals for visits to network doctors
  • Out-of-network coverage
  • Preventive care built in
How the Plan Works
This plan lets you choose from three ways to get care, it's completely your call. You can visit your Primary Care Physician (PCP); visit any network doctor, without a referral, or any out-of-network licensed doctor you choose, without a referral.

Enjoy the Advantages of CHOICE
You don't have to choose a PCP, but you may want to. Your PCP will give you check-ups and treat illnesses and injuries, get approval before giving you certain services, and file claims for you. You can also visit any doctor in the Aetna network without a referral, and you'll pay less when you stay in network. But this plan is about choice. You can also see any licensed doctor out-of-network, without a referral. Although, it's important to keep in mind that your out-of-pocket costs are typically higher when you go out-of-network.

Enhanced Vision Benefit
In addition to the benefits listed in the Benefits Summary, this plan also features an enhanced vision benefit. The annual allowance for contacts, frames and lenses is now $200 per member!

Find a PCP or doctor in the network

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